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Oh, hi there!

Nice to e-meet you! 

  • I grew up with a Mama who loved to decorate, I watched her change her throw pillows and rearrange her furniture on a regular basis - I didn't understand it when I was younger but looking back I learned from the best! That being said I guess you could say I have been designing spaces since the ripe age of ... probably 8! 

  • I am not amazing at DIY projects - I usually ask my husband to help me with those, I am not the designer who also has a tool box - I leave that up to him.

  • Nothing excites me more than a newly organized drawer or cupboard, I am an ORGANIZATION NERD.

  • I love a modern contemporary space with a little bit of coastal and Scandinavian flair! Not sure what that means? That's okay, I can help with that!

  • When I am not designing spaces, you can find me walking my pup, or relaxing with my family. 

  • If you made it this far down the page, I love that you are here! Reach out if you have any design questions, I would love to chat!

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