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You don't want to miss this transformation!

I am not going to write a whole bunch here because I know you want to get to the photos! All I will say is, this project was so much fun!! Not only were the clients amazing but the entire idea they had for their new clinic excited me SO MUCH.

One quick thing about these photos... they were taken with my iPhone and I am still learning how to get the best interior shots and it was hard with some of the lighting (something I need to work on... any tips please let me know!) I really wanted the reception lighting photos to turn out better but no matter how I edited them they just looked kind of blah... all part of the blogger learning process I guess!

So let's get to it - the overall "theme" of the functional health clinic was to create a space that didn't feel sterile and blah... they loved blues and brass accents, and they wanted a traditional floor with not a ton of grey. (YAY! These words were music to my ears!)

Here is the design inspiration I created for the space.

Colours are:

White: Benjamin Moore "White Diamond"

Lighter Blue: Sherwin Williams "Poolhouse Blue"

Dark Blue: Benjamin Moore "Newbury Port Blue"

Ok, here we go!

This was the general space before, mostly wide open which was nice. We needed to add a reception area, four offices, a staff room, reno the bathroom, and add a room in the middle for IV treatment therapy.

We were happy to see there wasn't a ton of demo to be done, minus the carpet tiles... those suckers were glued on like they needed to withstand a thousand hurricanes.

This is the future reception area...

Here is the bathroom... I tried to get out of the reflection on the mirror but that didn't work very well as you can see (HAHA)

One more view of the future clinic, love all the natural light!

This was at the very end of the hallway, we ended up covering it up with custom doors and disguised it in the gorgeous dark blue feature colour... see after photos to check it out!

Here are the after photos:

This piece was created by a local metal sign maker in Edmonton... it is a representation of their logo - HOW GORGEOUS!!! This paint color ended up being PERFECT we were all so happy with the finished look.

They wanted a modern barn door and to save on cost, we purchased a regular door with the barn door hardware and painted it one of the feature colors to add a WOW factor. The flush door handle is from Amazon and we were really happy with the quality! The clients originally wanted a large handle but due to the need for access of wheelchairs, we decided to choose this flush handle instead - I love the final look!

A beautiful shot of one of the Doctors' office's once she was all moved in... (check out her gorgeous artwork) loving this lighter blue colour as well!

This mural is also a representation of their logo - what a fantastic addition to a large white wall! Wish I could say it was my idea but it was the clients'

Here is the lovely bathroom, we had to choose certain finishes due to safety codes (we really wanted a black faucet!) but we tried to make it look as modern and fun as possible - I think it turned out GREAT!

Here are a couple more shots of reception:

This is the end of the hallway (where the ugly electrical panel hung, there was NO way we were going to leave that hanging out)

Last but not least my favourite detail... the gorgeous Emtek door handles:

Here are a few links to the lighting , door hardware and mirror we used in the space in case you're interested (click the photo and it will take you right to the website)

Hope you enjoyed our first of many before and after blog posts - for those of you that aren't aware this project was done by Breaking Ground Developments a renovation and custom home builder in the Edmonton, Alberta area. Check them out if you are interested in hiring them for your next project!

Last but not least if you are looking for a functional health doctor in the Edmonton area be sure to check out - you could make an appointment and see the space in person!

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