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Favourite Ikea Finds - Spring 2020

Updated: May 12, 2020

Remember the "I can't believe its not butter" commercials? The items below are, in my opinion the " I can't believe those are from IKEA"

HI!! Welcome to my very first blog post. Happy you are here!

I can remember going to Ikea way back in the day and I was always so excited about how affordable everything was... I could re-decorate my room at the age of 14 on a pretty slim budget. I still feel like Ikea is a fantastic option if you are on a tight budget and their items have come a long ways! Below are links to a few of my current faves!
Click on any image and it will take you to the Ikea Canada website for pricing and more info.

Lets start with this beauty... the MALSJÖ - I would put this just about anywhere, with drawers and sliding glass doors its functions are endless... I'm thinking dining room, living room, even the bedroom!

Then there is the VITTSJÖ Shelf Unit... my new obsession

This guy comes in SO many different sizes... and is super affordable. What a great addition to any soon as the Ikea click and collect isn't completely backed up due to COVID I'm ordering a couple of these... office, bedroom, living room, kitchen... so versatile!

SNAPTUM Rug... at $99 this is a no brainer! You know that Rug from Wayfair that literally EVERYONE has in their house now? (including myself)

This is a great alternative at a lower price... the size is a little bit smaller but it will work just fine for smaller living rooms and bedrooms! (We will get into proper rug sizes for different furniture layouts another day... but if you have questions about this please reach out!)

ALLANIT Table Lamp...

There is nothing that makes me cringe more than a table lamp that is too small for its table! This guy has some serious size to it, not to mention its clear base and neutral shade allowing it to pretty much go with anything else you currently have in your room!


YESSSS, they finally have a round mirror that is larger... 31" is a great size for an entry way or above a console table... even a powder room... I'm in LOVE with this mirror... and its only $49.99.... insane!

The remaining of the below items are accessories that I believe are affordable and when added to your home will most definitely help to freshen up a space!

Starting with this RIBBA frame... this is the LARGEST frame they have in this series and its a BEAUTY... you can really make a statement using a larger frame like this... or maybe three in a row down a hallway hat has been bare for a while... I promise you wont regret stocking up on a few of these!

This vase is such a nice, clean neutral piece it would fit in just about anywhere... add the vase filler below and voila! A nice little addition to your mantle, bathroom counter or kitchen island!

These vase fillers are my fave, at $6.99 they are a steal, its always nice to add greenery to any room in your home.

And of course, the famous ikea basket... so versatile - throw a plant pot in there... or maybe keep at your back door for all the flip flops that collect on the deck throughout the day... towels in the bathroom, throw blankets in the living room. I love this basket!

Last but not least... their prints are ADORABLE.. they have many new modern pieces to choose from below are two of my faves!

Well that's all I've got for today, friends! Thanks for reading!

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