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Easy DIY That Anyone Can Do

A quick and easy blog post for today... I have two words for you. SPRAY PAINT.

Chances are when you grow tired of decor in your home its usually because you aren't into the colour anymore... don't sell it, or donate it - CHANGE IT YOURSELF.

Spray paint colours have come a long way these days ESPECIALLY with different finishes like the matte black I used on these vases... here are a few DO'S and DON'TS on how to successfully spray paint basically anything in your home.

DO NOT hold the can too close to the item you are painting - this will create DRIPS and will be a mess.

DO hold the can at least 6" away from the item and spray in nice even strokes back and forth or up and down

DO allow the paint to dry fully before doing a second coat (if needed)

DO paint in a ventilated area (I usually paint in the yard!)

DO wipe down the item you are painting and ensure it's smooth and ready for painting

DO love the item you just created and showcase it in your favourite spot in the home!

Check out my video below for the before and after!

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