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Let's talk about lights... boob lights...

You know the lights I'm talking about... they are boring and BLAH and come as a standard in most builder-grade, cookie-cutter homes...sometimes they even have a little "nipple" on them and completely resemble a boob... these types of lights are known as FLUSH MOUNT lights meaning they are mounted flush with the ceiling. There are also SEMI FLUSH lights that extend slightly below... these have come A LONG way and I highly suggest if you're bored of a hallway or room in your home look at replacing your lighting with one of these!

Before I show you some gorgeous alternatives... let's take a look at the lights I'm talking about for those that aren't quite sure...

See... now you know what I am talking about... they look like BOOBS!

Now before I show you all these beautiful lights I have one very important thing to say - IF YOU ARE THINKING OF REPLACING YOUR BOOB LIGHTS... make sure you look at the way doors swing into a room, hallway, or entrance... make sure there will be enough clearance so you aren't going to run that door right into your brand new beautiful light fixture! OR better yet, hire me and I can source the lighting for you!

This will be the first of many lighting posts because lighting is my absolute favourite thing to talk about... in my opinion, it makes or breaks a space...

Ok, now for some eye candy... here are my current faves... (click the picture and it will take you to the link to find out more info!) My absolute favorite is at the very end...these are all sourced from a local lighting company in Edmonton, AB - CHECK THEM OUT!

This first guy is a semi-flush... one to definitely be careful of placement with as it will hang lower than most... I picture it used mostly down a hallway ...

The rest are great alternatives that I believe would work great anywhere the home!

My personal fave I saved for last! She's a beauty!!!

That's all for lighting for now! Reach out if you have any questions and be sure to follow me on Instagram for more tips and design inspiration!

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