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Ikea Decor and Furniture

I think people either love or hate IKEA but when it comes to affordable furniture & decor... I LOVE IT.

Let's be honest... now more than ever we are wanting to improve our could be a simple change with a couple of new throw cushion covers and your space could feel a little more put together... we need to love our surroundings - they must bring us a bit of joy every day.

Ikea is a great place to shop to elevate your space just a little without breaking the bank. Here are my current favorite products. As always I have included all links below with each image...

Introducing the "LOMMARP" ... this beauty can be used just about anywhere (comes in a taller version too)

You could add it to a living room, maybe one on either side of your fireplace... or even in an office.

It comes in a lighter grey as well but this color is ..... AAAAH-MAZING. If you follow me on Instagram you will know I have a serious love for deeply saturated greens so when I came across this item I may have squealed a little!

This "METTALISE" lumbar pillow would go with just about anything... stripes are still very much "in style" when it comes to cushions...

Speaking of stripes... the "INGALILL" is a great cushion to throw with the one above... mix and matching stripes with similar colors is always a good idea!

Ok now I am excited about these... the "FULLTALIG" candle holder set is a steal at $16.99 for three. ... They would be nice for a dining table, console table, bookshelf... just about anywhere.

Super affordable space filler for those shelves that may need a little extra love.

The "KOARP" armchair isn't new but it's a great find for $250 this colour goes with anything and with its modern metal legs it will truly stand out in any room. I would love to get one for the corner of my office!

I have not seen this one in person but it looks pretty awesome. At 30" high for $22 it's a great way to fill up any empty corner that may need some extra love.

Last but not least the "SOLKLINT" pendant... if you want trendy lighting for less... this one is for you. Over a kitchen island or dining area... even in a bathroom depending on the space... I love this pendant!

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As always, thanks for reading!

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